ReEngage marriage ministry

Resurrect. Reconnect. Reignite. Re|engage.

Re|engage is about relationships.

Our goal is to help you grow in your relationship with your spouse, with other couples, and with God.

Experience what marriage is meant to be.

God has designed marriage to be a supportive, loving, life-giving relationship that mirrors His own unconditional love for us. Re|engage will help you better understand that design and learn how to apply it to your own marriage.

You are not alone.

You and your spouse will go through re|engage in a group with 4-6 other couples who, just like you, are seeking a better marriage. More than just a weekly meeting, small groups bond by sharing life experiences and supporting one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Re|engage brings couples together to learn about God’s design for marriage and apply biblical principles for building a healthy relationship.

Re|engage is for one man, one woman couples who are married (in other words, this is not for seriously dating, engaged, or cohabitating couples). Previously married couples who are separated or divorced and are considering reconciliation are encouraged to attend as well.

No.  We encourage you to get involved in one of our Connect Groups on Sunday mornings.

ReEngage is specifically designed for couples who want to enhance or restore their marriage around God’s view of marriage.  God’s view of marriage does not include cohabitation.

You are welcome to attend Open Group at the start of each Semester or our Weekly Large Groups, but we do not allow an individual to begin a Closed Group without their spouse.

We hurt for spouses who want to work on their marriage and yet have an unwilling partner. However, the structure of Closed Group each week forces couples to have conversations, and that’s impossible to do alone.

We encourage you to get involved in one of our Connect Groups or Grow Classes, where you can work on your own relationship with Christ and prepare yourself for the time when your spouse is ready to join you in re|engage.

For a number of reasons, we do not recommend engaged couples go through the re|engage program. To honestly process through many of the re|engage questions, couples need to have been under the same roof for an extended season as a married couple.

What we’d recommend you join one of our Connect Groups or Grow Classes and work on growing together in Christ before you get married.


We often see couples where one spouse comprehends the gospel and the other is hostile to it. We preach patience to all involved.

“Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?” – Romans 2:4

While couples who both have a firm foundation with God at the center of their marriage tend to have the most success with ReEngage, we have found that all married couples can improve communication and learn how to enrich their marriage through this program.

• Do not be angry at your spouse or hold their unbelief over their head. 
• Instead, focus on what You need to do to improve your marriage. Remember 1 Peter 3:1-6.

YES … as long as you’re both open to reconciliation.

We have had separated couples come through re|engage. Being open to the idea of reconciliation is not asking you to commit to reconciliation but simply to be open to the idea of it. If you both agree to be open to the idea of reconciliation, you are welcome to be part of the re|engage program.

Prior to coming to class, we recommend you think about the following:

  • Boundaries
  • What it might look like to come back together.

When couples are physically separated, doing weekly homework can be a challenge. It is, however, a requirement that you both  do the homework together. Typically, separated couples will schedule a meeting with each other sometime before the group meets.

We have seen success stories with separated couples reconciling.

Our goal in this program is not for couples to move back in together, the goal is to see heart transformation resulting in the pursuit of oneness. 

While it is not ideal for one spouse to miss a lot of group time, we know this can be a reality for some couples. We expect spouses to miss 3-4 weeks over the course of the curriculum due to life circumstances, but we encourage you not to miss more.


Is there a better season, where both spouses can have consistent attendance? For example, with several months of warning could one of you adjust your work schedule? Sometimes this is possible.

If your schedule cannot change, you must commit to do the work even though you cannot regularly attend the meetings. That means you must complete the lesson, answer all the questions, and discuss your answers together outside of small group time.

The spouse who can attend each week should bring their spouse’s workbook to group each week in order to share the spouse’s answers. Remember, our priority is on commitment even if a spouse’s weekly attendance must waiver due to their job.

Again, we would ask the spouse to continue to make every effort to get their work schedule changed. We have seen many cases where a spouse will ask their supervisor to help them figure out a way to invest in their marriage and the supervisor is very receptive. Also, if he/she does shift work, they can consider asking co-workers to trade shifts.

No. Based on our church’s convictions and interpretation of scripture, we believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for a lifelong commitment. Therefore, a same-sex marriage or LGBT marriage is not what God intends for His people. Because of this, our marriage ministries are not a place where we can help
you take steps towards help in your relationship.

Absolutely!  Spots are limited to 10 couples per semester and first priority goes to members at Trinity Baptist Church.  However, we encourage members …

Yes.  Click here to register.

Registration is currently limited to 10 couples per semester.

If you sign up for the program you will be asked to pay $50 total for you and your spouse.  This will include two workbooks, childcare, and also helps offset the cost of running re|engage.

Re|engage as a ministry developed by Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas. The basic re|engage structure was created in 2008 out of Watermark’s desire to serve marriages in their community. As stories of improved marriages spread, other churches began inquiring about re|engage which led churches outside Watermark to offer re|engage starting in 2012.

Trinity Baptist Church Texarkana first started offering the ReEngage Marriage Ministry in 2021.

Our next class will run January 10, 2024 to May 8, 2024 on Wednesday nights from 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.  The class size is limited to 6 couples.

  • January 10th | Welcome Night & Overview
  • January 17th | Lesson 1 Love
  • January 24th | Lesson 2 Brokenness
  • January 31st | Lesson 3 Grace
  • February 7th | Lesson 4 Humility
  • February 14th | Lesson 5 Forgiveness
  • February 21st | Lesson 6 Forgiveness in Action
  • February 24th | Life Maps
  • February 28th | Lesson 7 Commitment
  • March 6th | Lesson 8 Truth
  • March 13th | Lesson 9 Communication
  • March 20th – NO CLASS
  • March 27th  – NO CLASS
  • April 3rd | Lesson 10 Conflict
  • April 10th | Lesson 11 Expectations
  • April 17th | Lesson 12 Understand
  • April 24th | Lesson 13 Emotional Intimacy
  • May 1st | Lesson 14 Sexual Intimacy
  • May 8th | Lesson 15 Completion
  • May 15th – Celebration Night

Large Group

Every week begins in a large group setting, where you will hear stories of hope from other couples whose marriages have been transformed. Re|engage leaders will also share practical steps you can take to improve your own relationship.

Small Group

After meeting as a large group, participants will break off into smaller groups, with each group led by a facilitator couple. Together, you and your small group will work through the 16-lesson curriculum and learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and grow closer to your spouse.

Leaders who lead by example.

Re|engage facilitators are passionate about getting to know you, hearing your story, and leading you to a healthier marriage. They will be honest about their own struggles while helping you see clearly the challenges in your marriage.

Download a Sample Lesson

Click here to preview Lesson 1 of the ReEngage Curriculum.