Matthew 28:18-20 | Forever Present

Sermon: Forever Present
Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20
Pastor: Michael Daugherty

Key Takeaways:

  1. Jesus used His authority to command us to make disciples.
  2. A disciple is devoted to Christ, developing in Christlike character and competencies, and deployed on mission to make as many disciples as possible.
  3. Jesus promised to be forever present with His disciples.
  4. The Holy Spirit and believers will bear witness about Jesus.
  5. We are better off having the Holy Spirit in us than having Jesus with us.
  6. The Holy Spirit convicts people.
  7. The Holy Spirit empowers believers to evangelize.
  8. The Holy Spirit empowered Peter to boldly evangelize unbelievers.
  9. The Holy Spirit is forever present in all believers to empower us to boldly evangelize unbelievers.

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