Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering and Week of Prayer

September 10–17, 2023
The Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering and Week of Prayer, September 10–17, is intended to highlight and encourage Gospel work that Arkansas Baptists are faithfully supporting in our state. This year’s emphasis is all about “turning points.” Our lives are forever changed when we drop our proverbial water jars in exchange for Living Water. The offering taken during this season supplements Cooperative Program gifts to provide additional funds to ministries such as those highlighted.


When we turn our eyes upon Jesus, there is no turning back.

In John 4, we read about a sacred encounter at a well between a Samaritan woman and Jesus. Seeking water to fulfill her physical needs, this Samaritan woman found something much more. After her conversation with Jesus, she left her past and even the very jar she had carried to draw water behind. With hope, she ran back to town to tell everyone about the Messiah.

Thankfully, Jesus is still meeting us at our wells today, just as he met the Samaritan woman so long ago. Our lives are forever changed when we drop our proverbial water jars in exchange for Living Water.

This year, our Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering is all about “turning points.” As Christ followers, we have all experienced jar-dropping moments. Jesus has this glorious habit of stepping in and changing everything about our lives, whether it be at the point of our salvation or through Him growing us.

As we prepare to give and pray together, we will hear stories of how God is crafting turning points right here in our own state. Kingdom work is taking place through Arkansas Baptist ministries, such as Christian Women’s Job Corps, Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief, Prison Initiative, and Connect Missions Weekend. Jesus is drawing near to the broken and softening once hardened hearts. He is empowering the imprisoned and teaching the next generation to share His story.

What is your turning point? How has God changed your story? What jar did you drop and where did you run? No matter your testimony, you have the truest story to tell and the most marvelous hope to give!

Help us tell this world that is dying about the Light of His glory and grace. Be the hands that point people to Jesus and the feet that help them turn to follow Him.



To give to the Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering, click here, or you can designate Dixie Jackson on your check to Trinity Baptist Church.