Greg & Amy Royal | IMB Missionaries

The greatest problem in the world is lostness.
The only solution to this problem is the gospel.

Together, Southern Baptists send International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries to be steadfastly present among people and places where Jesus is not named or known.

IMB Missionaries Greg and Amy Royal are currently serving in Spain.

Greg does logistics for Spain and Portugal and supervises Italy, Greece, Malta and some of the Baltic countries. In his role, he helps missionaries get visas, find housing, assists with taxes and legal questions, and manages transportation. He also works to help replant a local church that lost most of their members during COVID.

Amy helps missionaries who have to start jobs or companies in countries where Christianity isn’t allowed. She helps with their books and the accounting process so they can gain access to those countries. In Spain, she is involved with a local Safe House that works to help stop sex trafficking.

You can support their mission in the following ways:

1. Pray for the Safe House
Pray they can reach victims of sex trafficking, keep them safe, and share the gospel with them.

2. Pray for the Missionaries
Pray for affordable housing and safe transitioning for both new missionaries and those who have to move locations.

3. Pray for Immanuel Baptist Church of Torrejón de Ardoz
Pray the church will regain health and vitality for the glory of God and the good of the community.

4. Support Their Mission
Your donations to Greg and Amy Royal will help support their work as IMB Missionaries. Click here to donate.