Student Mobilization (Matt & Allie Pace)

Through their involvement with Student Mobilization, missionaries Matt & Allie Pace are building spiritual leaders from the college campuses of the world.

Church Members can help support Matt & Allie by:

  • Praying for the ministry to be able to help college students experience God in a genuine way, so they may grow in that relationship during their college experience and beyond.
  • Praying for the ministry to find ongoing evangelistic opportunities that lead to salvations.
  • Praying for financial blessings to provide the resources needed to support having the Paces as full-time workers on the college campus teaching the gospel.
  • Praying God draws a solid group of students to the summer KALEO program where college kids will learn about evangelism and discipleship and grow deeper in their faith.
  • Donating money to the ministry.
    A $25 donation provides an opportunity to share the gospel with two students over lunch.