How to Discover & Fulfill God’s Purpose in Your Life

Pastor: Butch Riddle
Sermon: How to Discover & Fulfill God’s Calling in Your Life Bible
Reference: Ephesians 4

Key Takeaways:

1. To Discover God’s Calling For You Personally, You Must Know:

  • Your Gifts We have each been given a spiritual gift, a mission to use it, and the energy needed to develop it.
  • Your Passion God wants you to do what you’re passionate about. He gave you the passion.
  • Your Opportunities God gives you opportunities in life, but you have to take them.

Out of the matrix of your gifts, your passion, and your opportunities, you can determine your calling. Then transformation from being a Christian to being a Disciple can happen. Being a Disciple means you’re constantly learning to become more Christlike.

2. To Discover God’s Calling for Christians Corporately, You Must Understand: 

  • The church doesn’t exist to meet your needs. It exists as a source of raw materials to build up the world.
  • Our job collectively (and individually) is to make sure more people go to heaven and less people go to Hell. 
  • Our corporate calling is to build up the church so the church can carry out its Kingdom calling to build up the world.

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