Nick Hyman, Director of Facilities

Nick Hyman is the Director of Facilities at Trinity Baptist Church.  

Nick grew up in Genoa, Arkansas and graduated from Genoa Central High School.  

He spent 24 years working as a tire builder for Cooper Tire/Goodyear before starting his role at the church in May of 2024.

Nick has attended Trinity Baptist Church most of his life and has been a deacon at the church since 2016. He served as Chair of Deacons in 2021 and 2022. 

“I feel like it was a calling for me. As a deacon, I’m a servant. I felt called to be here doing this so our pastor can do what he needs to do,” Nick said. “I felt God was saying ‘choose Me’ or ‘choose what is comfortable’. My last job wasn’t necessarily comfortable, but it was a safety net.”  

In his spare time, Nick enjoys hunting, fishing, woodworking, and hosting get togethers at his house with his wife, Malissa.

He’s been married to Malissa since 2000.