Jenn Parks, Director of Kids Ministry

Jenn Parks is the Director of Kids Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church.

She grew up in Memphis, TN and has a professional background in Elementary education.  In 2017, she shifted from working in the school setting to working in children’s ministry.  In November of 2020, she joined the staff at Trinity Baptist Church.

“God placed a deep desire in my heart to partner with families and teach kids who God is and how to accurately apply the Word to their everyday lives,” Jenn said. “Kids Ministry is filled with lots of high energy events that create amazing bonding and spiritual moments with our kids, volunteers, and families. One moment, we are throwing fake snow and the next moment, we are diving into the Word. There is nothing that beats leading a kid to Jesus and being a part of their salvation journey.”

In her spare time, Jenn enjoys spending time with her dog Jeremiah, participating in the local BSF, and having game nights with friends.