Chris Tingle, Executive Assistant

Chris Tingle is the Executive Assistant for Trinity Baptist Church.

Chris grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and earned his Bachelors Degree in General Studies from Louisiana State University – Shreveport.

Chris began his role at Trinity Baptist Church in December of 2022.

“God’s timing is perfect, and He opened the door at precisely the right time in my life,” Chris said. “I feel like the work I’m doing at Trinity is truly God’s plan for my life. I am thankful every day to walk in the door.”

Chris enjoys working at Trinity Baptist Church because he enjoys serving people, encouraging people, and making them feel special by showing them acts of love and kindness. 

In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing guitar, studying aviation, hiking in the wilderness, experiencing Arkansas’s beautiful lakes, and spending time with family.

He’s been married to his wife, Candace, since 2004.  They have two children, both of whom attend Trinity Christian School.

“We love to worship God through music. Candace and my daughter sing. My son plays piano, and I play guitar,” he said.

Chris Tingle