Mosaic Church Texarkana

On May 16, 2021, Trinity Baptist Church donated $10,000 to support Mosaic Church in their church plant. Supporting churches play an essential role in church plantings being fruitful. Healthy church plants will testify to the vital impact of supporting church partnerships in their journey to self-sustainability.

Members of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Mosaic Church has seen growth since their first Worship Service with only 7 families in it back in 2021. Today, they are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, differing stages of life, and different legs of their spiritual journeys. Their church body comes together and stays connected through each member’s bond with Christ. As a church, the members celebrate their differences and embrace their diversity.

Below are ways you can continue to support Mosaic Church:

    Pray the church receives the resources they need to serve the Wake Village, Texas community and to sustain their continued growth.
    Pray the church is presented with opportunities to connect within the Wake Village, Texas community along with the guidance to discern which opportunties are best suited to make disciples.
    Pray the church continues to grow and bring in people from across the greater Texarkana area, so the church may expand over time and start a church planting movement across the region.
    Click here to support their church financially.
    There is much joy and excitement that comes from seeing God bring something out of nothing. Trinity Baptist Church members have been blessed to share in the experience of having been there when Mosaic Church first opened their doors. Supporting missions in our local area is important. Your donations to Mosaic Church this month will help bring people in our own community come to faith in Christ through the outreach of this church plant.