Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life

Pastor: Andy Coats
Sermon: Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life
Reference: Romans 12:1-2

In today’s message at Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor Andy Coats shared the best way to discover God’s plan for your life is to become intimate with God.

To become intimate with God, you must know God’s will and God’s way.

God’s will is for you to be sanctified, obedient, holy, and to glorify Him.

God’s way is for you to have intimacy with, love for, and trust in Him.

God’s purpose for your life will never contradict His word. If you’re following His purpose, it will never cause you to disobey his word, to do something unholy, or to do something that glorifies you instead of Him.

Developing an intimate relationship with God is more than just knowing about Him. It’s more than just understanding the work He does. It can only come from spending true time with Him, learning about Him, and studying His word.

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