3 Ways to Live a Bold Walk with Christ

Pastor: Andy Coats
Sermon: How to Discover & Fulfill God’s Calling in Your Life Bible

Key Takeaways:

The message this morning from Pastor Andy at Trinity Baptist Church was about having the courage to boldly walk the walk and talk the talk about our faith as Christians and leading others to believe in God.

The culture we live in today encourages us to be timid about our faith.

There are 3 ways we can “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” as Christians.

1. Share the Gospel Boldly.
We often take silence over boldness for simplicity. We are comfortable in our church going routine but not outside of church.

2. Share the Gospel Honestly.
We all have problems in our life, and our sins are much more obvious than we realize. What sets us apart as Christians is we know the source of our sins and we know where to turn to and how Christ can fix our sins and forgive us. But if we are too unwilling to deal with our own sin, it will become a roadblock in our ability to show and talk to others about Christ.

3. Share the Gospel Lovingly.
Don’t be afraid to tell someone, “I love you too much to let you stay the way you are.” At the same time, don’t be a “Parachute Christian”, where all you do is drop off information and leave. Instead, share the gospel repeatedly and lovingly walk beside others who need your help. God has positioned you in a circle of influence where your walk and your talk can make a difference.

You may be the only exposure to Jesus others ever see in their life. Will you be BOLD?

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