5 Ways Christians Overcome the Waves of Life

Pastor: Kent Mathias
Sermon: 5 Ways Christians Overcome the Waves of Life
Reference: Psalm 43

Key Takeaways:
In his message today at Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor Kent Mathias discussed the waves of life we face as a Christian.

What you believe about God is the most important thing in your life. The more spiritual you become, the calmer the waves become. You will still struggle through the pains and the losses in life. It’s unhealthy to bottle up the waves. You have to take them to God and share them with other Christians.

1. Pour Out Your Soul
In the waves of happiness, depression, or anxiety, always go to God.

2. Pursue the Lord
Develop a relationship with the Lord. Go to the Word daily and pray for guidance and wisdom on the issues you are facing in life.

3. Ponder What God Has Done
Look back on the trials you have gone through throughout your life and look at how they made you grow. Look at the ways God has been faithful to you and how he has shown you grace. Recognize God will not change.

4. Preach to Others
When you are going through struggles, share them with others. Share how God is using the struggles to grow you, and learn from them about how they grew in similar struggles.

5. Praise God
There is power in music and worship. The music you pick defines your thoughts.

Finally, remember that most of the unhappiness in your life is because you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself through the lens of Christ.

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